Noggins farm crafted cider begins first and foremost with our own apple orchards. We’ve been growing apples along the Cornwallis River (Chijekwtook) in Greenwich Nova Scotia for over 250 years.

Each cider is a combinations of 10 different apples from heirloom, heritage varieties like Golden Russet and Cox Orange Pippin, to new crowd favourites like Honeycrisp and Gala. Having total control over the growing, picking and pressing of each small batch of cider helps us recreate a traditional dry and effervescent taste. We are proud to produce some of the best apples in the Maritimes and as a result we’ve been able to brew a delicious cider with an unforgettable flavour.

Currently Brewing

Vintage Apple abv. 7.4

Our Vintage Apple Cider stays true to a distinctive Nova Scotian cider tradition. Our apples are grown, pressed and fermented on our farm in Greenwich Nova Scotia. We mix heritage apple varieties like Golden Russet, Northern Spy and Cox Orange with our best in season apples  to express a fresh taste and robust flavour.

Brilliant Pear abv. 5.5

We blend three varieties of our early and late-autumn pears to give our Brilliant Pear Cider extra character. Light and refreshing cider with delicate pear flavours. This semi dry cider has the perfect hint of sweet.  Our pears are grown, pressed and fermented on our farm in Greenwich Nova Scotia.  

Raspberry Bramble abv. 7.2

This modern take on a berry cider fulfills all of your mouth watering needs. We ferment our own apples and raspberries, grown on our farm, to create a complex fruity  flavour. We finish off this beautifully flushed cider by adding a splash of fresh raspberry juice to provide you with the subtly sweet berry experience.

Where to Buy

Our 750 ml bottles are available to order online

or at the following Farm Market Locations

                                                                                               Noggins Corner Farm

                                                                                               Seaport Farmers Market

                                                                                               Alderney Landing 

                                                                                               Noggins Corner Farm at Sante Center 

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