After the deportation of the Acadians in 1755 the Bishop family was granted land what would become one of the oldest farms along the banks of the Cornwallis River  (Chijekwtook) in present-day Greenwich, Nova Scotia (Mi’kma’ki). John, Timothy and William Bishop were among some of the first settler Planters to begin farming in 1760, cultivating crops, fruit orchards and dairy cows. Their hard work and dedication to the land built a farming legacy that has spanned generations.

Current owners Sandy and Avard Bishop took over full operations of the farm in 1955.  Twenty years later, they brought their two eldest sons, Andrew and Stirling into the family business. The Bishops incorporated Noggins Corner Farm in 1992. The name “Noggins Corner” harks back to the late 1800s when weary travelers bought “noggins” of rum from an old farmhouse in Greenwich. The family has worked hard to perfect the art of apple growing, which continues to be their main crop. Over the years, production has expanded to include numerous other fruits, a farm markets, and modern storage facilities.

Today, Noggins Corner Farm has retained a spirit of hospitality and incorporated the best practices in agriculture, technology, and customer service.  We are dedicated to providing healthy food to our community now and into the future.