Bumblebee’s Best, Elderflower Syrup 5oz


A real refreshing treat awaits you with our Elderflower Syrup.
Mix it with water, or iced soda water to enjoy a cool thirst quencher.
Simply delicious!


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Elderflower Syrup
A great thirst quencher during hot summer days or any time of the year, Elderflower Syrup is a tasty alternative.
Or do you want to try it as the traditional cold and flu fighter in your tea, instead of honey?

Serving Recommendation for the cooling drink:
Add 1 teaspoon of syrup in cold or iced water.
Stir. Enjoy!
Serving Recommendation for the warm drink:
Add 1 teaspoon of syrup in your Immune Booster Tea.
Stir. Enjoy!

Contains: Water, Sugar, Organic Elderflower, Citric Acid
Elderflower Syrup is a natural product. It can get cloudy in your bottle from the pollen of the flowers. This doesn’t mean it has gone bad. You just shake it up and the clouds will disappear.