The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Choice Laundry Powder -Be Mine (patchouli) (75-225 loads)




One tablespoon does a load of diapers or hockey clothes or mechanic clothes! That’s a whole lot of cleaning with meaning 🙂  Please see “Description” for info, ingredients & instructions.


Our exotic laundry powder that leaves a slight scent of patchouli on your clothing 🙂

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We are super-happy to share with you that folks with multiple chemical sensitivities and similar issues are able to use this product successfully. It’s really simple . . . every single person ought to feel good in their own skin and what our clothes are washed in can make a BIG difference! 🙂 Pair with our ChoiceTM Sea Water 2-in-1 bar (for laundry and dishes) to clean all kinds of tough stains (e.g., blood, grease, blueberry juice, makeup and so much more!).

Sizes & Yields:

  • 1.05 kg (75 to 225 loads, depending on machine and amount of grime)
  • 350 gr (25 to 75 loads, depending on machine and amount of grime)

Features & uses: Unscented or essential-oil scented, gluten-free, vegan, for all skin types, unisex, for all ages, for cloth diapers

Here’s the scoop: Our customers tell us one tablespoon will do a load of diapers, hockey clothes or mechanic’s clothes . . . that’s a lot of dirty, stinky, greasy cleaning with meaning that’s 100% guaranteed!

Plus, our customers also tell us they no longer need dryer sheets or fabric softener, and that their clothes come in soft when hung to dry, even outside in winter!

And to top it all off, ChoiceTM Laundry Powder works in all kinds of machines (high efficiency or regular, top or front load), all hardness of water, and all temperatures . . . plus, it doesn’t fade out darks and colours and rinses out streak-free.

All this efficiency and money-saving just makes us so content 🙂


  • All types: Washing soda, borax, vegetable shortening (soybean oil, palm oil [sustainably harvested]), coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide (lye)
  • Citrus: lemon & orange essential oils
  • Lavender: lavender essential oil
  • Be Mine: bergamot, geranium, orange, patchouli essential oils

Instructions: So, how much should you use? Anywhere from one teaspoon to two tablespoons, depending on load size and grime . . . one tablespoon, however, will do most loads 🙂

  • Regular washer: Sprinkle powder into drum whenever you prefer
  • High efficiency washer options:
  1. Sprinkle on clothes in drum OR
  2. Put dry into tray OR
  3. Mix with water and pour into tray . . . up to you 🙂
  • Stain removal: Make paste of small amount of powder and water. Wet fabric and rub paste into stain. Allow fabric to sit for a few hours or until stain is gone (roll up so it will stay wet). Launder as usual. For extra-heavy stain removal (e.g., cuffs/collars) pre-scrub with our ChoiceTM Sea Water 2-in-1 bar (for laundry and dishes).
  • Hand wash: Mix small amount of powder with water, submerge article completely. Let soak, rinse well and dry as directed. Slow laundry at its best!

Packaging: may vary, always includes ingredients, instructions & measuring cup

Promises from The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd.

On product testing: We promise that all of our products are tested in-house on ourselves, and by family members and friends. We do not conduct tests on animals, even pet shampoo, which is tested on ourselves before using it on any pet.

On ingredients: Our promise to you is that, with one exception, we will only use 100% natural ingredients in our products. What’s the exception? Lye, or sodium hydroxide. Bottom line, without lye there cannot be soap, it’s really that simple. It is possible to make a natural lye (e.g., from wood ash), though it is really difficult to get consistent results, which is crucially important for safe end products. Please read on for a more fulsome explanation 🙂

We make all of our bars using traditional methods of combining oils and water, which is a wonderful combination of science and art. Now, as you can imagine, oil and water will not combine, no matter how hard you shake them together. Instead, a chemical reaction is required to make oil and water become an entirely new substance, soap! That chemical reaction is caused by adding lye (sodium hydroxide) to the water, then adding that solution to the melted oils.

It is really important to make sure that for every lye solution molecule there is at least one oil molecule, which results in a very well balanced and soothing soap. Every single one of our bars meets or exceeds that criteria. That is our promise to you!

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