The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Soaps for Face, Hand & Body – Be Mine (patchouli)



The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. Please see “Description” for ingredients.

With exotic patchouli & bergamot essential oils, & sandalwood powder, too!

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Soothing, natural, essential-oil scented soaps to use on your face, hand and body.

Features: Essential oils, for all skin types, unisex, for all ages, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan


  • All types: Water from our well, vegetable shortening (soybean oil, palm oil [sustainably harvested]), coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye – see note below)
  • Lemon Scrub: organic cornmeal from Speerville, essential oils (lemongrass, cedarwood)
  • Peppermint: mint leaves, peppermint essential oil (may irritate delicate tissue)
  • Lavender: lavender blossoms, lavender essential oil
  • Baby Luscious Lavender: organic oatmeal from Speerville, chamomile botanical extract, lavender essential oil
  • Be Mine: sandalwood powder, essential oils (bergamot, geranium, orange, patchouli)
  • Cocoa Butter Bar: cocoa butter, cocoa powder, benzoin essential oil

Hand-cut bar size: Approximately 110 grams. Please note, moisture evaporates from the bars as they cure, so weight varies depending on the age of the bar.

Best value hints:

  • Cured to last. That said, allow to dry between uses and they will last the longest possible.
  • Cut full-sized bars into smaller pieces to use at more than one sink or to keep for later.
  • Store spare bars in a dry place away from direct sunlight and heaters (avoid airtight containers and plastic bags).

General notes:

  • Please avoid eyes.
  • Do not eat this product.
  • Do not store wet bars in plastic.

Packaging: may vary, always includes ingredients

Promises from The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd.

On product testing: We promise that all of our products are tested in-house on ourselves, and by family members and friends. We do not conduct tests on animals, even pet shampoo, which is tested on ourselves before using it on any pet.

On ingredients: Our promise to you is that, with one exception, we will only use 100% natural ingredients in our products. What’s the exception? Lye, or sodium hydroxide. Bottom line, without lye there cannot be soap, it’s really that simple. It is possible to make a natural lye (e.g., from wood ash), though it is really difficult to get consistent results, which is crucially important for safe end products. Please read on for a more fulsome explanation 🙂

We make all of our bars using traditional methods of combining oils and water, which is a wonderful combination of science and art. Now, as you can imagine, oil and water will not combine, no matter how hard you shake them together. Instead, a chemical reaction is required to make oil and water become an entirely new substance, soap! That chemical reaction is caused by adding lye (sodium hydroxide) to the water, then adding that solution to the melted oils.

It is really important to make sure that for every lye solution molecule there is at least one oil molecule, which results in a very well balanced and soothing soap. Every single one of our bars meets or exceeds that criteria. That is our promise to you!

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Handling Products

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