Mushroom Compost, Bag


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Mushroom Compost – Valley Mushroom, PEI

Spent Mushroom Substrate (Mushroom Compost) – begins with a 25-day preparation and development phase. At this time horse manure, poultry manure, gypsum and wheat straw are handled to create an ideal raw compost mixture.

Next, the compost goes to our pasteurization tunnel, where it stays for 10 days to ensure proper pasteurization.

Once pasteurized, the compost is moved into our mushroom growing rooms where lime and mushroom spawn is added to the compost mixture. 11-1 days later, the compost is cased with peatmoss to ensure optimum moisture retention.

After an 8-week growing process of our crop, the compost is removed from the growing rooms and naturally pasteurized for further purification and removal of remaining mushroom spawn, leaving the ideal potting mix recipe for your plant’s health.

This compost may contain Foreign Matter. Please exercise caution when handling compost by hand.

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